Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update: Kate McRae

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Update on Kate McRae

Olivia, Kate, Will McRae

This information comes from today's journal entry in Kate Mcrae's journal, The Caring Bridge.  It was written by Kate's mom, Holly.

"Where to begin.... I guess with the most pressing. Tomorrow. Tomorrow at 8 am begins Kate's brain and spine MRI, and it should be finished sometime before 10.  Meaning our hearts and minds are fully aware of the possibilities of what tomorrow could hold. Last week the stress felt suffocating. The tears unstoppable. Kate did have chemo on Wednesday and we were fully aware this was her last dose before the scan. They ended up tripling her nausea medication that day, which allowed Kate to have a much easier recovery this weekend from the chemo. Thank you Jesus. 

So tomorrow has fast approached, and a sweet peace with it. We are far less anxious than last week. I have no doubt the result of many prayers manifesting themselves as very real in our lives. We will find out the results to the MRI tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 when we meet with Kate's oncologist to review the scans. We would love your prayers. Prayers for Kate's full and complete healing here on earth. The statistics are terribly grim. And yet, we pray. And ask you to join us. Thank you, and we will update tomorrow."

 Kate's MRI is today.  If you are so inclined, please pray for Kate and her family.  I will keep you posted on the results.

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  1. I will continue praying for the entire family.

  2. Thanks for the updates Madison, praying for little Kate & her whole family!!

  3. Please keep us posted Madison. I am praying for Kate and her family.

  4. I will keep their family in my prayers.

  5. Would love an update! Praying it went well!!!



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