Friday, February 4, 2011

Nicole and Meighen's Birthday/ Bloggerversary Bash

Welcome to Nicole and Meighen's Birthday/Bloggerversary Bash Blog Hop:)  

Our hostesses for this blog hop are Nicole of Canadian Nickel Scrap'N and Meighen of Scrappin3rdeesChick.  If you arrived here from Janie's blog, you are in the right place.  If you happened here by chance, you may want to head back to the beginning so you don't miss any of the great projects.  Click HERE.  We have several exciting sponsors and give-a-ways for this hop so make sure you leave comments on all of the blogs:)

There is an interesting twist on this hop.  We were asked to create a birthday card/project that was inspired by a holiday.  I was born two days before Easter so my card is an Easter inspired birthday card.
Carrots and Easter eggs fill this cute Easter basket that was cut at 3" using the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge.  The basket was stitched with a gel pen and for added interest adorned with gems:)  The carrots and eggs can be found on the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge as well.  The perfect sentiment for this card of course was, "Have a Eggs-ellent Birthday."


 I am offering a package of Funky Cards to a random winner who can dazzle me with an Eggs-ellent birthday story!!  Your comment must state what made your most Eggs-ellent birthday "Eggs-ellent!"  I am also asking you to consider becoming a follower of mine.  That would really mean a lot to me:)

The great thing about this birthday/bloggerversary bash blog hop is that each stop will be so different.  So many different holidays to choose from.  It is time to hop on over to Shannon's blog to see what she has designed for you!!
I am sure you don't want to get lost on this hop so can always head back here to check out the entire list of participants.  Here they are in order.  Just click on the name to link to the blog:

Madison (Me)





I hope you had an Eggs-ellent time on this hop today:)  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a fabulous projects they are so cute.

  2. I love your blog Madison! I am such a fan because you are so talented and so young! I have been following you for a long time! My favorite Easter stories are always egg hunting with my grandparents because they always hid money and prizes in them. I think they are my favorite memories because my grandad died 2 years ago. Thank you for the opportunity to share that memory but please choose someone else to win! I hope you have a fabulous day filled with lots of glitter!
    ~Hugs~ Carley

  3. LOL...How cute are those carrots! Awesome job Madison! You are so stinkin talented. Your new blog looks awesome!

  4. New follower from The Scrapbox. You can find me at / / or find me on facebook!

    LOVE the card!!! You did a GREAT job!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So adorable! Great embossing! I am already a follower! abusybee24atcoxdotnet

  6. One of my "egg-celent" birthdays was when I was turning 21. I had a two year old daughter, my husband was deployed to Iraq, and I was lonely. My friends took me out to Fridays, we enjoyed appetizers, girl talk, and a few drinks, and went back to my friends house to watch Sex in the City. One of my other friend's husbands watched my daughter for me, so I could have a night off. It was really nice, and I'll never forget that night! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. I had an eggcelent birthday on my 30th when my hubby threw me a surprise birthday party.

  8. I just love your card - you do some amazing creating!! EASTER was my choice for this blog hop too.

    My "egg-celent" birthday was really all of them as a small child (before I knew better). My birthday is July 7th. For the 4th of July my family always had a huge party (and we celebrated my birthday that day too) at my grandparents cottage and lots of people had fireworks and I thought it was all for ME ~ Hope this counts :)

    I guess I'm a "new follower" but I really thought I was one already. I'd love for you to follow me if you're not already.


  9. CUTE Card! I just became a follower and can't wait to check in and see what you have going on!
    My most eggs-sellent birthday was while I was travelling (in China) my husband contacted a papercrafter/stamper that I mentioned lived in Hong Kong. She came to take me shopping and before we went out, she pulls out a scrapbook--- that my husband had her design digitally using high school pictures of the two of us! OH WOW-- who would think he had paid enough attention to my blogging that he could find her and do all that! It was AMAZING
    Debbie Kissel

  10. one most egg-cellent hubby surprised me and flew my mom out for my birthday...I was egg-cellently shocked becasue i didnt think my mom would ever fly alone and that he thught of this one....


  11. I am a follower and love your blog. This card was lovely. Most Egg-cellent birthday- my boyfriend suprised me with tickets to see Eric Clapton who was in our city in concert the day of my birthday. we had dinner first and then the concert. A most Egg-cellent celebration!!!
    debbie_craine at hotmail dot com

  12. Madison!! Very adorable card! My most memorable birthday...hmmm..I have had so many of them! (birthdays, that is! LOL) Probably any of them since I have been with my hubby. He always tries to make them special for me.

  13. Super cute card! I am a new follower and look forward to checking out your blog more. I would have to say my most "egg-cellent" birthday was four years ago when I had my daughter the week before. I had a newborn baby and life could not have been any more perfect at that point. :) TFS!

    amandawoodau at hotmail dot com

  14. Great card, love it! Thanks for sharing, really don't have an amazing story for you but I DO LOVE bIRTHDAY PARTIES!

  15. super cute Madison! your cards always are!
    liz :o)

  16. Madison, I am already a follower of yours. Love your work. This card is so cute (I may just have to lift it for an easter card) My most "eggs-ellent!" birthday is whenever my family can be with me. They live out of town so it is very difficult. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  17. ha ha ha, that is a really cute card! i love it, they truly are funky cards!! my birthday story takes me back to when I was 17 I was active captain of the varsity basketball volleyball and softball teams at my high school and I got a brain infection which rendered me unable to walk, do anything that required coordination , and espescially maintain my position on the basketball team, it was a dark time for me but my 17th birthday was right around the door. my parents organized my friends to set up a surprise birthday party for me...and since I couldn't walk i had no idea that people were even arriving at my house but my boyfriend came upstairs (I knew he was coming) and he carried me downstairs wehere all my friends were waiting for me with surprises and fun times...even though it was one of my darkest times, it was really great becuase it showed me how great my friends really were!! ha ha ha...thanks for sharing your card!

  18. My "eggs-ellent" birthday had to be my 40th! I had scrappy friends fly and drive in from all over the country for a weekend filled with scrapbooking, drinking, and LOTS of laughs!


  19. Hi, I'm already a follower!
    My "eggs-ellent" birthday wasn't even my own! My youngest son was born on Easter Sunday almost three years ago. It was the strangest thing to be watching the other kids hunt for eggs while timing contractions!
    ~ Thanks, Esther

    esthert119 at yahoo dot ca

  20. super cute card, cute card pack you made ther,
    well my egg'ellent" b-day will be today, going to my DGS's 4th birthday party, wow time flies but let me tell ya all those grandbabies b-days are egg-ellent....

  21. So sweet, I'm so glad to be hopping along.
    Allie Gower

  22. New follower, and I just love your cards.....sooo cute!! My most egg-sellent birthday was my was exactly 3 weeks after having my it was my first birthday as a mommy :)

  23. love your project..super cute!. I'm a new follower.

  24. super cute as usual! your so talented! TFS!

  25. Great job as always - your cards are wonderful. My egg-selletnt bday was just this past week. I had a long day at work (14 hours) yuk:( and when I got home My hubby had baked me a cake from stratch And got me the most beautiful flowers. Just love my man!.

    Thanks for Sharing!

  26. My favorite birthday's where when I could share the day with my father and have it be Father's Day also. He has been gone now for 16 years and June 20th is a bit lonelier when it is also Father's Day.

    Katsews at gmail dotcom

  27. Super cute! I just had an Eggs-ellent birthday on the 3rd, I got an xbox with kinnect and a new computer tower!! Yay :)

    Tanya P.
    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  28. Super cute card Madison. Love the embossing and fun sentiment. Best birthday has to be the one I just had on 1/27. Got my Imagine!! lol

  29. That is an eggs-ellent Birthday card, so cute. Don't really have a memory of a birthday being eggs-ellent.
    Melissa D

  30. One of my memorable birthdays was just a few years ago, I am quite spoiled by my husband and have lots of great birthday gift memories like my cricut imagine this year YEAH, but three years ago my son was nine and my neighbor was having a yard sale and my son asked me for a dollar to by a ball so I gave it to him but the little stinker surprised me the following day with a beat up beanie baby with no tag HEE HEE and he wrapped it all by himself and he was so proud when he gave it to me and told me he bought me my favorite birthday present ever.(I use to collect beanie babies and love them) well it was my best present and still is my favorite gift. My son has aspherger syndrome and for him to think of me in that special moment just made my heart full of joy so I keep my beat up no tag beanie baby on my craft desk for inspiration every day because he always inspires me. the funny thing too was that the bear said happy mothers day. Hee Hee. got to love him guess he was hitting two birds with one stone. Now on to your card how darling is that and I love the twist you put on it instead of the bunny in the basket with the eggs you used the carrots. You have inspired me agian and yes I am a follower of yours and I would love to win your cow cards. so cute I love cows. thanks again for letting me share my story and for sharing your adorable card and the chance to win. gina kinde (989)799-6602

  31. Very cute simple and chic.

  32. Great card. My most eggs-ellent bday story is when I turned 21, it was one of the best bdays for me and a huge party! I just found your blog but WOW you are awesome. Keep crafting girl you will go really far.
    scrapperbecka at yahoo dot com

  33. love the ideas

  34. Your blog is so awesome!! I also love your card!!

    ScrappinAsh at gmail dot com

  35. Your craft room wall is SO COOL!! I'm so envious. TY for participating in the hop!

  36. i love your Card, i am now a follower and the special someone in my life is my husband Peter

  37. I love your card...such a cute sentiment. I know it sounds silly but my most "eggsellant" birthday was probably last years..My hubs took me to Disney World..just the two of us, and it was just so much fun acting like kids.
    thanks for sharing your card!

  38. Such a darling card. Just adorable. eggsellant birthday isn't very exciting. I really can't think of anything. I know BORING LOL. I'm a follower.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    http: // mamawann. blogspot. com/
    annadowdy at gmail dot com

  39. Cute card!!! It's really precious!

    My most Eggs-ellent birthday was my 25th, when I found out I was pregnant with my first son! Seriously I was on cloud 9! Greatest birthday ever....most eggs-ellent if you please!



  40. This is the cutest!!!

    I am an excited new follower!

  41. So Cute! I like how you decorated the basket! My best birthday was my 30th surprise party. I can't believe it was 10 yrs ago. times flies so quickly since my 40th is on the 13th. Oh boy. tfs your pretty card with us.

  42. Super cute most eggsellent b-day was a surprise 30th bday my hubby bubby gave me...:)


  43. cute projects.
    this egg-cellent birthday wass really my hubby's birthday, but I was there to discover his surprise.
    We were at his parent's house for the weekend, it also happened to be my hubby's 40th birthday. When we left his parent's home it was getting dark. It was an hour's drive home so by time we got home it was completely dark out. We pull up to our house and we faintly see some caution tape wrapped around our home. Naturally we think something has happened to our house. We get up closer to it to discover along with the caution tape there were signs. Happy 40th Birthday Signs to be exact. While we were away our friends decided to give him a nice 40th birthday surprise. We had a good laugh after we realized our home was ok.

    Tricia from Little Scraps of Heaven Designs

  44. I am a follower. My egg-cellent birthday story was my 30th birthday surprise with my family and close friends in a limo bus for a night on the town! So much fun!

    ksully4597 at gmail dot com

  45. i am nalready a Follower
    |i love your cards

  46. ~ Hee hee! Those carrots are far too cute!

    ~ I'm already a Follower of your Blog!

    ~ My most Eggs-ellent birthday was probably my 25th when my Hubs, sister, her fiance, and my friend, took me to lunch @ Boston Pizza, then to the gun range. It had been 13 years since I had shot a gun, and I got to shoot a 9mm for the first time. It was awesome. Then they took me to DQ for my favorite ice cream cake and they sang to me in the middle of the restaurant. It was so embarrassing!

    Hip Hop and Awaaaaayyy!

    Email: QC Kelsey
    Visit Blog: Crystal Case Creative Creations

  47. Madison,

    I love your cute card!!! :)

    My most eggs-cellent birthday was when my boyfriend (now husband) surprised me at work with a great present: a formal, black velvet dress and matching shoes!!! :) He had me put them on, took me to a fancy dinner, and then to see Phantom of the Opera! It sounds more cheesy than egg-like, but I felt like a princess and it's a night I'll never forget!

    Thank you so much for sharing (& for helping me remember a special time!),

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com

  48. Madison, Your card is so excellent! How adorable:)
    kfordyce6638 at gmail dot com

  49. LOL! Great card! I was actually born on EASTER!

    desaucier at bellsouth dot net

  50. Hmmmm my most egg-cellent birthday... You know.. I am actually gonna have to say this years, even tho i havent had it yet. But i am getting married only 9 days after my 30th birthday. So i sorta have a feeling that my sister is planning something wicked for me =P

    Hugs from Lilli =)
    l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com

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  52. Such a cute card! My 25th birthday was egg-cellent because my bff threw me a surprise party!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  53. You have some great ideas! Love love love them!

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. My egg-cellent b-day was when i was younger and
    My birthday DIDN'T fall on exams or Fathers day!
    mbchoj at aol dot com

  56. My eggs-celent birthday was when I turned 21 and a large group of family and friends all went to Las Vegas to celebrate for a week!

    I love your card!

  57. Love your card. As far as an eggs-ellent birthday story that's a hard one. My birthday is in November but I had it in the summer one year so I could have a pool party in my backyard. We were all floating around with Care Bear float rings. It was a funny sight. I am a new follower. Thanks for the hop and giveaway!

    jenlovcarr at aol dot com

  58. This card is just darling! I'm a follower, and love dropping by here to see all your creative ideas! Thanks fo sharing. ksjennings at gmail dot com and/or

  59. What a cute springy/eater/birthday card. I am also one of those special people with a spring birthday... Never on Easter... but Good Friday. THanks as always for inpiring us and sharing your talents with us. pjritsema at gmail dot com

  60. Love your card. It's great. My egg-cellent birthday was when my husband and son made a cake for me. TFS and the chance to win.


  61. Madison, you always make the cutest things!!! I've had so many eggs-ellent Birthdays. My Birthday is right near Independence Day, so there's always fireworks (unfortunately I don't like fireworks). But everyone always has so much fun. Growing up I always got to have pool parties or water parties. They were always so much fun. After being a Mom, I love focusing on making sure my little ones have eggs-ellent Birthdays. :)

    Thanks for always sharing your amazing creations!!!! I love your style; you always inspire me! Thank you!!!

    Celeste B.
    mctdbillman at gmail dot com

  62. You know I am a huge fan, I just love all your ideas!

  63. Your card is too cute! My most eggs-ellent birthday was a surprise party hosted by my sister and BFF at my favorite Mexican restaurant. All my crafty friends were there and brought handmade gifts. It was the best EVER! Thanks for sharing your talent and inspiration with all of us.

    lucyblueeyz at yahoo dot com

  64. Madison, once again, I love your card! Love the carrots with the eggs. Love your cow card giveaway, so cute! Keep creating.
    kidshomelove at

  65. Cute card,My most eggscalent b-day was when I had chicken pox and all of my guests as well as I were covered with those eggs celant spots . Thanks for sharing,
    karen k 3 at ameritech dot net



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