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Swinging Card Tutorial by Dr Sonia

Hello Everybody I am Dr Sonia S V from India. I am an ENT Surgeon by profession and a crafter by passion. When Madison asked me for a guest post I felt so honored as her blog is super awesome and I admire her creative hands as well as all the good charitable causes she supports.
This Swinging card can also be called a spinning card as the quilled central circle can spin 360 degrees!
This is one side of the swinging card which spins on a wooden skewer on top of the card stand.
Swinging Card
I made the red flower and its leaves by looping paper strips by hand. I found that though not as perfect as the proper husking technique using pins on a board to form the loops its much faster and more fun!
Quilled Flowers
This is the closeup of the quilled flower bud again looped by hand.
Quilled Flower
The quilled rosebud is made by forming a tight coil and pushing its center out.
Quilled Flowers
The golden butterfly is also made by looping paper strips held in the hand.
Quilled Butterfly
The red flower is technically made by looping the paper strip around a comb[combing technique].I actually found making it by hand simpler and faster and not as perfect as in the proper combing! [ We have to compromise somewhere!]
Quilled Flowers
The other side of the swinging card also needs to be embellished as this swings 360 degrees and comes onto the other side.So while making it ,its nice to have images that look ok upside down too!
Spinning Card
The central Swinging card part is embellished with eccentric coil quilled flowers.
Quilled Flowers
These quilled flowers are eccentric coils.
Quilled Flowers
The eccentric coil flowers are made with paper strips having 2 color tones.
I reversed the direction of coiling to make the white in the center for the lower quilled flowers.
Quilled Flowers
This gorgeous embossed paper was a paper bag I cut up and recycled! The pearl leaves and pearl hearts are from a local fancy store in India.
Embossed Card
Materials Required to make a Swinging Spinning card
  • Thick Card stock- The base card which forms your stand for the spinner needs to be particularly strong as it is a stand for your card and has to support the weight of your wooden stick and spinner card.The spinner card also should not be thin as otherwise it will be floppy and unsightly.
  • Glue
  • Glue dots or any other adhesive of your choice to stick the skewer to the spinning card.
  • Wooden/plastic/ metallic stick to form the basis of your spinner card mechanism.- I used a wooden skewer. Use any long thin stick.
How to make a swinging spinning card
Fold your card stock in half. I have used an A4 sized card.
Cut out a shape  at the folded edge- you can cut out a semicircle,rectangle,half of an octagon etc.I cut out a semicircle marked with the help of a compass.
Spinning Card Tutorial
Use the shape you cut out and make it smaller by a centimeter or so.Here I made it smaller by a 1/2 a centimeter only and discovered  its better if you make it smaller slightly more so that it can swing and spin freely once attached to the card stand.
Spinning Card Tutorial

You need 2 similar sized  circles for the swinging part. Embellish the circles before you stick them .Use an adhesive of your choice to stick the skewer or stick to the center of your swinging card.Here I used glue drops to stick a wooden skewer. Apply glue and stick the 2 circles together.
Spinning Card Tutorial
Make the support for the swinging card:The support for the swinging stick with your card is 2 small folded card  strips with a gutter for the stick to swing.The width should be such that when stuck inside the card base it is hidden. I used a strip around 3 cm long and folded it. If the central groove of this folded strip is more deep the skewer will be at a lower position. Experiment a little before you glue it on place
Spinning Card Tutorial
Make a stand for the lower part of card base.Take 2 strips of strong card. I used a strip as long as height of by base card.Fold in half
Spinning Card Tutorial
Fold up each end as shown. These folded ends form the tabs where you will stick it to your base card

Spinning Card Tutorial
Stick this card strip to the bottom of your base card as shown

Spinning Card Tutorial
The photograph below shows the mechanism of the swinging card and how the card strips are stuck in position.
Spinning card Tutorial
Your swinging card mechanism is ready!Here is the swinging card in action viewed when it is spinning and has swung up!
Swinging Card Mechanism
Its a super fun card to make. I am so happy to be featured on Madisons blog and would be thrilled if you visit by craft blog  Cards,Crafts and School Projects.
Here is a link to my Tutorials
Love from India
Dr Sonia S V  


  1. Dr. Sonia, thank you for sharing this amazing card and tutorial. This is so beautiful! I am so happy to be able to share this with my followers:) You are amazing and you ROCK!!!

  2. That is one of the most bueatiful cards I ever seen... love it and thank you for sharing ... now I have to make one for myself...
    The Scrapbooking Queen

  3. too cute I,m going to use it myself thank you

  4. Awesome Beautiful creation Dr Sonia... and how super cool Madison to have her as your guest designer! I love Dr Sonia's creations!

  5. Very pretty card! Love the way it works:)

  6. Thank you for sharing Dr. Sonia and her beautiful creation! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it... it's awesome!

  7. Oh-My-Word!!! WHat a beautiful beautiful work of art!! I am in awe of all that you put into this card and how gorgeous it is! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!

  8. Your card is just beautiful. I love quilling but do not have the patience it takes! Now I'm going up to my craft room to try a spinning Christmas card. Thanks!



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