Monday, May 9, 2011

My Sentiment Story For Pink Cricut

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Last week was Sarah's, Pink Cricut's, birthday.  She had contests all week to celebrate the big day.  One contest was to create a short story using the sentiments from her stamp sets. At the time she had 56 stamp sets with sentiments so I took one sentiment from each of the sets and wrote the following story. Guess what, I won!! Now I have a $50 gift certificate to Pink by Design. Help me choose my stamp sets  What would you pick?  There are so many great choices.

Here is my story.  The sentiments are BOLDED.

The Life of a Smokin’ Hot Teenage Crafter

     Well we all know that this is a true story! One that is based on nothing but facts! One needs to look no further than the title to see that. Ok, maybe not. Maybe there is some truth to this story. You decide. I have always been Daddy’s Little Princess.  You know the kind. Sugar & Spice and everything nice.  I come from one big happy family.  We hail from Canada and I am 100% Canadian!  Whoot Whoot! 
     My mother, my best friend, is awesome.  When I say I love you, she says I love you s’more. And she never swears! Just the other day I thought I heard her say, “Oh Scrap!” Wow mom, For Peeps Sake, aren’t you a wild thing!  You are the best mom ever.  thanks a Bunch for being you.
     And how about my Dad?  I think I have the world’s best DaDI’m just sayin’.  He agrees with me that A woman’s place is in the mall.   Gotta <3 that!!  And he is totally MR. FIX-IT.  He was a great catch! for my mom and they adore each other!!  It is true love.  When they are together every day is like a partyJEEPERS CREEPERS, so much Happiness.  They are so funny.  Any of you teens have parents that think that they are hot to trot?  Aren’t they cute?  Gee Whiz.
     When it comes to brothers I have the cream of the crop. They are really A cut above the rest.  Dalton is My Hero! As a member of the U.S. Navy he has vowed To Serve & Protect.  Military people are among the World’s Best!  Dalton, You made it!! I am proud of you!!  I pray that this year you can be Home for the Holidays.  And Aaron, you’re a winner!  My brother Aaron is about to fly the coup.  He is off to UCSD.  Jump for joy! Congratulations.  It will be hard work but I am sure he will also have a barrel of fun.  I am so very PROUD of you Aaron.
     Now Let’s get down and dirty.  Lets talk about me and my friends.  Oh yea, I’m the one who likes to keep it funky. I Have Faith and my friends would say, “Madison, You make me Smile.”  I have awesome friends and I am one LUCKY GIRL!  We like chillin’ and shopping.  I am always up for a good sale.   My Best Friend is Claire.  We have been best of friends since Kindergarten.  She is the first to say Cheer Up! if I look down and I know it would be with heartfelt sympathy that we would share any loss that comes our way.  I just enjoy! spending time with my Claire Bear!  Claire, you brighten my day. I say, Lucky Me, to have a friend like you!
     It was my mom and Claire who pulled off my surprise 16th birthday party.  It was fun being the Birthday Girl.  We got a bit crazy and I became a Pirate PrincessFeliz Cumpleanos to me!  Now to make all the thank you cards, which will say, crafted just for you by Madison.

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  2. Wow, madison, your story was great. Very cute and funny. Congrats on winning.

  3. Madison, I can see why you won. Your mom and dad must be very proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  4. Oh Gosh I love your story. You are one great teenager. Have fun shopping



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