Saturday, December 31, 2011

Made It Myself:)

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I Made It Myself

If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I am a big fan of making things for myself from things I already have.  I like being "Green" and I like not having to spend my money if I don't have to.  Well... I challenged myself yet again.  I really wanted to make something (I won't say yet what it is) but I had not idea how to do it.  So I decided to watch a YouTube video:)  I studied the video carefully and learned that I had everything I needed to make my own _____!  Do you want to see it?

First let me tell you that when I was making it, I didn't even have any use for it.  It was only wishful thinking!  Like if somehow if I made this, I would need it!!!!  Ok, ok, here it is:

So here is the outside.  I took measurements to make sure it would fit...  I added an iron on giraffe because I thought it would be cute:)

This is the back.  I added more iron on patches just because:)  So, do you already know what this is???

That probably didn't help much!

Does this totally give it away?

How about now?  I have an iPad!!!

  I have been saving all of my babysitting money in the piggy bank I made for one of the blog hops last year.  After Christmas I opened it up and when I added my Christmas money I had enough!!!  I was so shocked and happy:)  I worked hard but I did it.  I had a goal and now I have an iPad. This case was really easy to make following the YouTube video.  It is reinforced with masonite board  inside to make it durable.  Of course I am always careful!!

That is it for today.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. AWESOME!!!! I love that that you made this AND that your hardwork paid off for you! I just got an iPad for Christmas--enjoy it!!! :0) Great work! Thank you for being an inspiration to me this year and allowing me to be a part of the IFTL project. :0)

  2. Madison this is so great!! You so could sell these! I have an ipad too and I love that thing. I use it constantly, I take it to be to watch HBO on it when hubby is busy watching a ball game. Congrats on your hard work saving for it, I think that is something to be proud of in your young age that you have good values. You must have wonderful parents. This is just a really beautiful cover. Again...I see a business opportunity here! :)

  3. Super cute case!!! Congrat's on saving up and getting your IPAD! I'd love to save up to get one someday too :-)

  4. How awesome is that!! I have been looking for the perfect iPad case- so, maybe now I will take your lead and make one! :) :) Congrats on saving and reaching your goal!

  5. This is amazing! I wish I had an Ipad i would totally do this!


  6. wow!!!!! The cover you made is so awesome madison!!! great job on saving all your money

  7. Thank you for participating in Pink Cricut's Link Up Party today! This almost makes me want a Pad ... but I think I'll work towards my Big Shot first. LOL!

  8. So cute! What a great project! Thanks so much for sharing, Madison!




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