Monday, July 4, 2011

My Craft Room and Desk:)

Welcome to Funky Cards

Here's a tour of my craft room as my new desk is being built:)

Back left you can see one leg which will hold the Cricut cartridges. In the front is one of the cubby spaces.  These are for the paper stacks.

Here you can see the trash can surrounded by two sets of smaller cubbies.  The top of the desk will have a cut out so the trash can slide right in.

The top is now on!!

Paper stacks fit great.  So does my Clip it Up.  I can store it here when I am not crafting.  The other two bottom cubbies store my sewing material.  I recently got all this material from a friend who isn't interested in sewing anymore.  Her grandmother owned a quilting store.

 Here is one of the work stations. There are cubbies next to this where I chose to store all my yarn.

You can see at the corner, there are also a set of cubbies next to the second work station.  Here I chose to store inks, punches, gems, and other embellishments that I like to keep close by while I am crafting.  You can also see the cut out for the garbage.  I like my garbage can off the floor so that I won't kick it over!

Here is the Cricut station.  I love how the leg holds my cartridges.  I can store 20 cartridges at a time (I don't even have that many yet).  The bottom shelf is not even full.  I will keep the ones I use the most in the leg and the others in the closet if I get more.  I love how convenient this is!!!

This is the space where I will be able to video from soon:) Yes, I hope to start taping sometime soon. We will see! I designed this cut out with my old furniture in mind.  My other piece fits right underneath and I can still use these other shelves.  I now have my scanner on the bottom shelf and it works out nice there.

Take a look at my craft room.  It is all finished!!

I display my cards on card racks that I got for free when our local Rite Aid drug store closed.

I like to display my projects:) It helps make my space bright and cheery.

I keep all my scraps in binders and sort them by color.  Each binder represents a color of the rainbow:)  These are just for solid colors.  The patterned paper scraps are in the clear containers in the 12 x 12 cubby.

I store all my miscellaneous supplies in the closet.  The boxes are all labeled.  You can also see all my paints over to the left.  My grandmother gave me all her paints and I now have over 150 different colors:) Really, how lucky am I ?

So, what do you think?  I think I have a pretty awesome space.  I can't believe I designed my own desk! This is all so cool!

I am all about paying it forward and that is why I hope you will join me in my "I Feel the Love Project." Last month we were able to send 22 cards to Ms. Pentoney.  This month let's try to do that and more!! If you haven't heard about this project, please click on Marley's photo to learn more.

Marley is this month's recipient of our cards.  Thank you so much for all your support!  I have the best followers:)



  1. Wow, your space is AWESOME! You have got a great eye for design there girl! Keep up the good work and can't wait to see what awesome projects are developed in your new craft area!

  2. Madison your desk is amazing! Probably the best desk design I have ever seen! And I really love your craft room! What a great find with the free card rack! Have a great day!

  3. Your space is awesome, mine is soooooooooooooooooooooo small.

  4. Oh my goodness, this is great!! Love the desk and I love your card rack.

  5. Wow Madison your craft room is an inspiration indeed!!

  6. Love your craft room and your new desk. Very neat to be able to have one made to your specifications! Enjoy!!! :-)

  7. Wow Madison! I used to work in old time pharmacy and that card rack brought back memories! Little did I know back then I would be so into cards now! LOL I love your desk! What an awesome gift:)

  8. Your such a lucky lady. Your craft room is awesome. Enjoy it Sweetie, you deserve it.
    God Bless

  9. I love it! It must be so easy to craft in there now! Do you ever leave? I wouldn't! Love your card racks!

  10. Madison, this is AWESOME!! I luv that cutout for the trash. And, what a deal for that rack system for the cards that you got from RA. That is exactly how I would want a custom craft area to be. Enjoy it and also, will be doing a card for your project for Marley.


  11. Where do we send the cards to? I would like to be apart of can email me at

  12. Madison,
    I am simply green with envy on this fabulous craft room, wow look at that desk and how well organized you are, wow a cut out for garbage, where you can just drag everything into...

  13. Madison your craft space and table are amazing!! I love how you designed your own desk! It makes it even more perfect!!

    Thank you for sharing!



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