Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Check out my Closet Redo!

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So, what did I do yesterday? Well, as I sat on my bed the night before and stared at my closet I knew that there was something that just wasn't right.  My clothes were bothering me.  So, I did what most 16 year old girls would do.  Ok, maybe not. I went to bed and made a plan and yesterday I got out my drill and got to work!  When I say my drill, I really do mean my drill:)

Here is the before shot.  I only had one clothes pole and my clothes were squished.  I had two shelves for shoes and I really had no need for two shelves.  The cubbies on the right held volleyball stuff and some other miscellaneous stuff.  Too much clutter!  You can also see that I have three panels of material instead of a closet door.  Two are a purpleish color and the one in the middle is green.

 Mission accomplished, shelves are gone and now I have two poles!! If you look closely on the left side of my closet you will see the tree I painted on my wall.  I painted this tree freehand.  It holds all my hats and scarves that I personally made.  This is also where I hang my special handmade gift that I received for my 16th birthday from Martha:)

Now that's better! I am so much happier:) Clothes can hang without getting all squished and the use of space makes much more sense.  Did you notice that I also took the green material and cut it down the middle and added half the green to each of the purple panels so that I would only have two panels for the closet closing?  Stay tuned, I think I will take the two shelves I took out of this closet and put them in my craft room closet.  Doesn't that just make sense?  Oh, while I was at it today, I fixed my mom's closet pole. It looked like it wanted to fall so I took her clothes down and tightened the screws and then rehung the clothes:)

So how did you spend your day?  Hope you enjoyed it whatever you did!  Thanks for stopping by!


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  2. Seriously... Is there anything you can't do? You are amazing! So inspiring. :0)

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    XO ~ Amy Jo (follower)
    amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

  3. Wow! That looks great!!
    ♥ Laura ♥

  4. You made me smile this morning Madison. :) You are seriously the most amazing young lady I have ever come across. Way to rock that drill!

  5. WHOA, that's so cool! Even if I asked my dad to do that, he wouldn't be able to because he's not very handy.

  6. You Go Madison. I could sure use you and your drill at may place. Do you make house calls? lol. I definitely need to reorganize. Love the new look. Smooches... Felicia

  7. You're a rockstar....great job!!!

  8. You're friggin awesome! You're definitely NOT a typical teenager! Now...please come help me organize! :D

  9. You are one crafty, handy super teen!!!! I bet your parents are so so proud of you!!! Actually I do know your Mom is!!!



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