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Update: Moore family

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I wanted to share an update with you regarding the Moore family. Marley was our July 2011 recipient of the "I Feel the Love Project" cards. Marley went to be with Jesus on October 11, 2011. Although I knew it at the time, it was much too painful for me to post. Marley's passing hit me really hard. Marley's pictures still hang in my house on posters as part of the "I Feel the Love Project." She will always have a special place in my heart.

On a happier note I wanted to pass on this news from Marley's CaringBridge page as written by her Aunt.
"Good afternoon, friends! I hope this finds you all doing well...I had some news I wanted to share with you guys, so I thought now was the perfect time to send out an update on the latest news in the Moore family.
This morning I was driving to work, and heard the song, "Blessed Be Your Name". It's such a beautiful song, the lyrics are so powerful. Even though I don't hear it often, when I do, it reminds me of Marley...and of the grace of our God. There are several lines in that song that remind me of the trials and tribulations that come with walking through this fallen world...and other lines that remind me of the joy that comes after you've gone through the desert, broken and empty-handed, and God brings about hope to fill you back up.
This week was one of those times...
After the past few months of heartache and loss, we have experienced JOY this week. Not a joy that replaces...but a joy that refreshes. That joy came in the form of a precious baby....a beautiful, perfect, healthy baby boy.
At 1:27 p.m. on Monday, March 12th, the newest addition to the Moore family was born. Micah Nathan Moore, a perfect 7 pounds, 19 inches long. The name Micah means "one who is like God" or "a gift from God". Pretty fitting if I do say so myself. :) He shares his middle name, Nathan, with his awesome daddy.

I was able to be in the delivery room when Micah was born. Let me tell you, it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced. Not only was God's presence there in the room with us, but I believe that Marley's was, too. It was one of those days that had been bathed in prayer by hundreds of people, and it was incredibly obvious. God's hand was in the entire thing, from start to finish. He even orchestrated a few extra details to make it extra special:  Brent & Mia both were on their spring break from school, allowing them to spend an entire week with their newest family member. Nikki was only in labor for 10 minutes. Brent got to deliver Micah, with the help of their amazing doctor, who is also a family friend.  Every person involved in the day was incredible, from their delivery nurse to the people who cuddled Micah throughout the night while Brent & Nikki slept. They were constantly surrounded by God's presence the entire time, and it was so evident. 
Let me tell you something else that happened while we were in the hospital...(I'll have to go back to the beginning first..) A few months ago, Nikki began the process of cleaning out Marley's room. Being as they didn't have an extra room for the baby, that room would become the new nursery. Obviously this was a very painful process for Brent & Nikki, and lots of prayers carried them through, as they began to sift through her belongings and create a space for their new baby, all the while having to mourn their loss yet again. Without knowing what the sex of the baby would be, it was impossible to decorate. But even during a time that left them feeling so empty, God, yet again, found a way to fill them up. He surrounded them with some very special friends who began to gather fresh ideas as well as funds to help create a brand new room. 
A very special pair of young women (you know who you are, Becky & Natalie!) were told the sex of the baby in order to prepare for the arrival. They gathered things and kept them in their houses for weeks prior to the birth, all while keeping the sex of the baby a secret. The day that Nikki went into the hospital, they went to work. In less than 48 hours, they had called in helpers, painted walls, hung new curtains, refininished furniture, displayed photographs, installed light fixtures, and turned an empty room into a beautifully breathtaking nursery. By the time Brent and Nikki came home from the hospital, the room was completely finished and ready for Micah. It is a nursery created with an intense amount love and represents the new hope that Micah brings into our family...and it's SO beautiful.
I will be putting together some more photographs of Micah, the nursery, and the Moores over the next few days, and will send out an update with more photographs for you to see .... But for now, we are going to bask in the great joy that this sweet new baby boy brings. He will follow in the footsteps of his big sisters by enriching the lives of those around him, and by following God's amazing will and purpose for his life.
I wish I could tell him how lucky he is to be born into such an amazing family...but if I had my guess, I'm pretty sure that someone already has. :)
Love, peace, & joy to each of you,"
If you would like to send a congratulation/baby card to Brent and Nikki, feel free to send it to me and I will pass it along.
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  1. This posting brought tears to my eyes. Thanks, Madison, for keeping us informed.

  2. Aww! Is't that great news! I will be sending a card!



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