Monday, January 30, 2012

New Shoes for free!

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Well, time for more shoe repair.  As some of you may remember, I love to redo shoes.  Here is a reminder of my love for Toms shoes.  I once started with a pair of white Toms and painted them:

Well, after working at Michael's for over six months now, my black Toms have really taken a beating.  Check out what my black Toms looked like:

Yikes, the right shoe is in need of some major repair.  I think I may need to just buy another black pair for work and then repair these.  Well, you know me, I am not going to leave them black if they aren't going to be for work.  Hmmmmmm.  I have already painted a pair.  Now what should I do.  I know!!!  I will use fabric on my shoes!!!  I have lots of fabric:)  Be right back... Grab a snack.  This may take a moment.  Enjoy some good music.

Ok, I did it.  Tell me what you think!!  Here are my new, old shoes.  All ready to wear to school!!

I had to repair them before adding the material, ribbon, and buttons.

They are just so comfy:)  I got the designs on the shoes to match.  No need to throw away my comfy shoes.  They are ready to wear and as good as new.  I am so happy. 

And the total cost = NOTHING 

Love them with jeans.  Leave me a comment.  I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Madison, you are just to clever ..... as usual!

    1. Madison your Grandma Marge told me about this site today! Very nice!! How talented you are :)

      Tana Marbury

  2. I'm not sure my comment went through. The shoes are amazing. I have a granddaughter that would love them.

  3. Those are SOOO adorable. You did a great job. What did you use to adhear the fabric??? I'd love to know how to do this.


  4. So very cute! My 15 year old granddaughter loves Toms also, I will pass this along to her. She also loves to play volleyball and is on her school team.
    Thanks for sharing, you are so very talented.

  5. These are so FUN! I'm now kicking myself for trashing my old comfy shoes. GREAT idea...TFS!

    ~Sharon C.

  6. Awesome! You need to do a tutorial on how to do this!

  7. I adore what you have done to your comfy shoes - they look better than brand new!! Can you give some details on how you did it, what you used for adhesive, etc? Thanks!

    Jan S.

  8. Thank you all for your nice comments. Believe it or not I used hot glue but it is very tricky. You have to be careful not to burn your fingers. I fold and glue all the raw edges rather than sew them and it makes for small spaces and hot glue!!

  9. So cute and such a clever idea!

  10. ADORABLE!!! :) You are amazing Madison!!



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