Friday, June 3, 2011


Welcome to Funky Cards

It has been very frustrating the past few weeks.  The comment section of my blog hasn't been working.  It was just pointed out to me by the crafty Terry Meyers that the way she was able to get a comment to post was to post as anonymous.  Nothing else worked for her.  

So I ask you computer tech friends, is this a Google problem or a Blogger problem?  I guess you can't tell me unless you respond anonymously!!!

It is so quiet on my blog!  I don't like all the silence.

I have so much to share and no one to talk to:(

I have no idea how your "I Feel the Love Projects" are coming along.  I am looking forward to getting them in the mail soon:)  Please be sure to link them back to this blog so we can all share them.  You can click on the top icon on the right side bar to link your project or click HERE.

I really hope to have this comment section fixed soon so we can all chat.

Until then, I will keep crafting! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have heard others are having problems with blogger also

  2. Found info here . . . hope this helps!

  3. Thank you Candace and Shawn. I wonder if it makes a difference where you are posting from? I even tried posting and my comments would show up and then disappear. I am going to check out the link now Shawn. You guys ROCK!

  4. I have to post anonymously as well, and not just for this blog, I think it is blogger being a pain.
    Melissa D

  5. The comment sections have been really weird lately. I haven't had any problems posting on anyone's blogs but I've had people tell me they couldn't comment on mine or even follow me, for that matter. I think it's just blogger being a booger!

  6. We love you Madison and it IS frustrating. It's a blogger prob. I had my blog candy post just disappear (I guess Tuesday) but yet I could go into my dashboard and then go to "comments" and read all 14 people's posts to my blog candy but yet my "original post" for blog candy was GONE... IDK what happened. Ditto to what everyone above has said.




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