Friday, November 12, 2010

A Thanking We Will Go

Welcome to our "A Thanking We Will Go" blog hop hosted by Jessica from KinderStampO.  
If you arrived here from Liz's Paper Loft then you are in the right place.  If not, you may want to start back at the beginning at Jessica's blog.

As Thanksgiving is upon us, we are reminded of those we are thankful to and for the things that they have done for us to make our lives even better.  

The sponsors for our blog hop are are Helmar, Imaginisce, Peachy Keen, Skipping Stones Designs, and Unity Stamp Co.  Make sure you go to every blog and leave a comment to have a chance to win some fantastic prizes!  There will be additional blog candy along the way too:)

This blog hop I am going to honor a special person in my life, my mom. I want to let her know how thankful I am to her.  I am blessed to have an awesome mom who helps me everyday by giving me her love and support.

  As a way to say THANK YOU I am designing a very special box for her that she can keep all the letters that she receives from Dalton while he is away in the Navy.

As you know if you follow my blog, my brother Dalton left this week for the Navy.  Since my mom will write to him every chance she gets and will want to keep all the letters that he sends her, this box seemed like the perfect gift to say "THANK YOU" to my mom.  I think she will like it:) 

I found an old stationery box and made this an altered item project.  I used blue and white as the main colors since those are the colors of the Navy.  On the outside top, I put the dates that Dalton left home, then shipped out, November 8-9, 2010.  I used a Navy calendar that hung in his bedroom to make these since that was special to my mom, but you could use any font from a Cricut cartridge to make the dates or decorations that you put on your box.  The anchor and submarine are cut from the Stand and Salute Cricut cartridge, and the "letters from d" where cut from the Zooballoo Cricut cartridge.

Around the sides I added waves representing the ocean where Dalton will spend a lot of his time.  The waves were cut from the Zooballoo Cricut cartridge.

This USA symbol was also cut from the Stand and Salute Cricut cartridge.
On the inside cover, I made a flag and on the blue card stock I put a picture of my mom and Dalton.  This photo was taken at my last JV volleyball game on Thursday night before Dalton left.

***The idea here is that you can alter a box to make it special for someone you love.  By adding clippings from something special that they own, like Dalton's calendar, and pictures of your loved one, you can design something very special.  Making altered items is a cool way to create homemade gifts and to say "THANK YOU."

***Blog Candy Alert***

I am giving away stamps and two ink pads and enter all you need to do is:
1. become a follower if you are not already following
2. leave a comment
3. in your comment, let me know if you have any family members who have served in the military
I will be announcin the winner on Monday morning so please check back to see if you are a winner:) 
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  1. Great project. I love it. I and all 3 of my brother ans sisters have proudly served in the Military , ranging from Army, Navy, And AirForce. I also have two cousins that are Proud Marines. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Hi there, I am a follower, my grandfather served in WW2. Wonderful projects TFS

  3. Good morning!Great idea! My usband served inthe Navy, my wonderful uncle who lost his life dedicated his whole life to the Navy and wasLt. Cammander, and last but never leat my youngst brother who served in in this one,but made it home to us! something we are very thankful for! Have a great day!

  4. Awwww.what a touching gift for your mom. My son served in the Navy..on the JFK, It was the longest 4.5 years in my life! She will LOVE that box! TFS

  5. What a great altered project and a very thoughtful gift!


  6. Madison, what a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your mom. I'm sure she'll cherish it always.
    I don't have any family in the military now, my grandfather (who has since passed) served many years before I was born.
    Hugs for you and your mom,
    Your Memories Here

  7. What a wonderful idea! My son is currently serving our country in the Army and is stationed at Fort Sill. I write him every chance I get...what an awesome idea! Thank you for a chance to win!

  8. super sweet gift...she's gonna love it!!!! nicely done!
    liz :o)

  9. A very sweet project,Madison! Great job!
    shelldian at hotmail dot com

  10. Creative idea. I am sure your mom will love it! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent and creativity with us.
    Linda K.

  11. Hi, Madison. What a thoughtful, creative gift. This one really brings tears to my eyes. I hope it gets used a lot with "snail mail," especially in the very near future. Loved the photo of your Mom and Dalton! You can be so proud of all your designs. Your mind must never stop thinking of new and interesting ways of pleasing people. Love you. (Grammy)

  12. Love your project Madison, I am thankful for your brother service to our country. I as a mom had a son that was in the Marine Corp and am very proud of him. I am postitive your mom feels the same about your brother and you.

  13. Wonderful project. I made something similar when my DH was in the Navy. I still have all the letters he has sent me. This gives me a great idea to make a Valentine's box for one of my sons.

  14. This is such a nice gift for your mom and I know she will use it. In my family just about all of my uncles have been in one branch of the military I know that they get a lot out of what they put in but not as much as we get out of what they put in.

  15. Such a beautiful and touching gift. Thank so much for being part of the hop : )

  16. Oh Madison ! This is just wonderful ! I'm misty eyed that you have been so thoughtful to your mom with this amazing gift. I have two older boys that served missions for our church and were away from home for 2 years each! I missed them sooo much and treasured every letter I received from them. I know your mom will treasure this too !

  17. What a great project! So cute :) I'm a follower of your blog. Both of my Grandpas were in WW2 and my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins on both mine and my hubby's side are serving our country!

  18. What a thoughtful gift..thanks for sharing! My son-in-law has been to Iraq 3 times and we are sooo proud of him!
    D. Ballard
    I'm a follower

  19. I just make a layout using Red, White and Blue. I love all of your projects. Lovely.

  20. What a beautiful tribute to your brother and precious gift for your mom! My hubby was in the Air Force before and during our first couple of years or marriage. I know how precious those letters back and forth are -- I still have them after 30+ years! What a special daughter you are!


  21. You are so creative! This was a wonderful thing you did for your Mom, it brought tears to my eyes.. I couldn't imagine being away from my kids. Your Mom did a fantastic job raising you of what I can see. You should be proud of yourself. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!! Have a super weekend.
    hugs to you, jen

  22. Love the box. Thanks for sharing. I've been a follower for awhile.

    vwilson577 at yahoo dot com

  23. amazing! Thanks

    aecopenhaver at gmail dot com

  24. Geat job Madison! My cousin Ricky served in the Navy. He is a great guy and thank him and everyone veteran for their courage and serving our country.

    Jess B.

  25. Very cute project Madison! I just love blog hops.. and having you as part of it is just awesome! TFS! I'm already a follower.

    Terrie Barroso

  26. lovely box. thanks for caring & sharing

  27. It always amazes me that you are so young yet you know exactly what you want and are going for it! Good luck in everything. I also had a brother in the Navy,career Navy 20 years.

  28. My Dad served 20 years, we hopped from place to place. I really loved the military life. He passed away 4 years ago on the 10th of Nov. It's always nice to make homemade projects like these! Great job on the box. Your Mom will love it I am sure.

  29. Great recycling idea. My dad retired as Master Sergent, my uncle was in the military and even my grandpa.

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  30. Love the calender- really nice for your brother. God Bless you him and your family. My brother has been to Iraq x 3 and is leaving after the holidays for Afghanistan. Thanks for sharing and caring.
    mbchoj at aol dot com

  31. First, tell your Brother "THANK YOU" for his service! I love the projects you made they are just awesome as usual!

  32. What a wonderful project for your Mom! I'm sure she'll treasure it as much as she treasures the letters from your brother.


  33. Your box was a great idea and turned out beautiful. Thank You for being in the hop and for a chance to win cool prizes.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Awesome box, many have/are served/ing in my family:

    Grandpa tallman(Marine)Aunt Patty(Army) Cuz's Erin & Micheal(Navy) Brother Jeff(Army) Grandpa Cruz(air force) Uncle Eli (air force)Dad(army)

  36. following you to see what other cool things you will do ! My family has strong ties to the military, my uncle was in the USAF, my dad was in the Navy, I retired from the USAF, my sister was in the USAF, and my brother retird after 23 years in the USAF. Out of my parents' 4 children, three of us served. My other sister is a teacher near a military base, so she serves in her own way. I too am very grateful for my mom, who loves and supports me thru my disability, she's always there for me.

  37. Love it. As a Vet I appreciate it!

  38. this is such a wonderful,thoughtful, loving gift to your mother. I kept all of my brothers correspondence he sent me while he was in the Navy during Vietnam. Prior to my meeting my husband he too was in the Navy.
    Cherylann (prinkles)

  39. What a thoughtful gift for your Mom!! My dad & late fiance were both in the military!! Thank you for sharing this with us!!!

  40. That is an awesome box! I currently have a cousin in the air force!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  41. You have brought tears to my eyes. It sounds like you love your Mom like I love mine. What a beautiful gift to give to her. Of all of the projects I have made, my mom owns most of them. I just love to create for her from the bottom of my heart. My moms husband, my step-dad, who passed away about 5 years ago, served in World War 2. Lots of stories there....
    Thank you for sharing and caring...I can tell that you are a caring person. God Bless...and prayers for your brother...

  42. This is such a great project - so thoughtful!

    Deanne G

  43. Great job on the letter box for your mom, I know she will cherish it for 2 reason, first because you made it for her and second it will hold some precious items from your brother. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Another great Project! You are always so busy! This box is a great idea! I am so glad you are part of this hop! I do not have any close family members serving in the millitary right now. My boys have talked about it for the future! I do have friends who have served and am very proud of them... I think about my grandpa who served in the navy in WW2! I am so proud to be an American! Thank you!

  45. Love your project....wonderful idea! My dad was in the Army for 25 years and my 2 nephews are in the Air Force.

  46. Your mom will LOVE her letter box you made for her! My hubby is a veteran and one of my brothers is currently serving in the Air Force & stationed in England. Prayers for the safety of your brother until he comes home!! I will definitely be following your blog for more cute ideas & updates on your brother :)

    wilder4ga @ comcast dot net

  47. What a beautiful and thoughtful creation! I love your blog; your work is amazing! My husband is a USAF and ANG veteran, who served in the first gulf war. Thank you to your brother for his service!

  48. What a sweet gift..I bet your mom will just melt. I come from an Air Force and Army family. Two Uncles, Father, and mother all served proudly, with all but my mother retiring from the service.

  49. what a wonderful gift your mom will love it thanks for sharing Madison as you know I am a big fan of you thanks Debbie @

  50. Very cute projects:) One of my Brothers served in the Navy and my other Brother served in the Air Force!

    Cricut Chick

  51. Hello! I am a follower! Great project. My husband served 6 years in the Navy so I know how it is to save all the letters! My brother served 6 years in the Army, I have 2 brothers-in-law that served in the Air Force and Navy, my father-in-law served in the Army, and my grandfathers were both Navy!

  52. Love the project and I am sure your mom will love it too. My cousin is in the army.

    Thanks for sharing,

  53. very cute!!! I love it!!!


  54. Hi! Both my dad and my husband's dad as well as my two brothers served in the armed forces!!
    Love the box!! TFS

  55. Madison, thanks for sharing your heartfelt idea with us!
    My father served in the Marines in WW2 in the Pacific Theatre and my brother was in the Navy from 1970 to 1973, when he was killed in a car accident while stationed in Guam. I'm thinking of making a box like yours, for my mom to keep all his letters in!

  56. Really cute!! Love it :) I do not have anyone who is serving in the Army. My grandfather did a long time ago but that is all..

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  57. What a sweet project you have done for both your mom and your brother. This is so touching. God Bless your brother and family.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    annadowdy at gmail dot com

  58. what a great gift for your mom to keep all your brother letters in.
    My husband is active duty Army!! HOOAH!!!
    NYGIRL1994 at yahoo dot com

  59. Your mother will treasure this gift forever. Great altered project.

    I was in the Army for eight years.

    Thanks for saharing and for being part of the hop. I am now a follower.

  60. great project, TFS, thanks for the hop

  61. What an awesome project that will be appreciated for years.

    www.busycreating dot com

  62. What a great idea! Your Mom will love this!

  63. so cute! what a special project. i do not have an family currently in the military but love this project

  64. This is such a great box! I am so glad I decided to hop with you all! I have had tons of family members in the military. My sister served two terms in the Air Force, my dad was a Navy seal, my grandmother and grandfather were both in the Army as was my uncle. My nephew is currently serving in the Army. Blessing to all of those who have served and their families.
    thatsmerb at gmail dot com

  65. Your Mom will love this! I know I sure did! I have numerous people who serve(d) in the service. My father is a disable veteran from the Army, my nephew is serving in the Army, I have a cousin serving in the Navy, and previous generations who were in the Army as well. I am very proud of all my family and am thankful for them every single day. TFS!

    shell_028 at yahoo dot com

  66. I am so sorry but I forgot to leave my e-mail addy for you yesterday :-(
    here it is :-)

  67. What a wonderful gift for your mother. She is loucky to have someone as thoughtfull as you in her life..i have several uncles and cousins (male & female) who have served..and all 8 of my husband's uncles have served.


  68. That is such an amazing idea to give to your mom. My thoughts are with your family and your brother. My husband severed in the Air Force. My sister in law is in the Army National Guard. And my Uncle and Grandfather were both in the Army. I loved the box its awesome!!!

    Thanks for sharing,

  69. Hi Madison~
    You are such a great little sister! More then anything else, here is wishing your brother Dalton a safe return home to you guys!

    I love the letter box you made, very crafty and love the details and time you put into this project.
    I am already a follower and love your projects.
    TFS and a chance to win
    Bonnie C
    ascrapabove at aol dot com

  70. I have 4 family members that have served in the military, My newly married nephew is currently serving in the Army and my one friend's husband is over seas. Your mom is going to love the special box you made for her. Not only was it made for her by you but it has special meaning for you brother. Very sweet of you. tfs

  71. I don't have any family members in the military but I have several friends who are serving across all of the different branches. I am so thankful for their service.

    Wonderful altered box--I'm sure your mother will love it!

  72. What a great idea, and so special for your mom. I have a nephew, cousins, as well as many friends in the various branches of the service. Wishing them all safety of body and thoughts.



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