Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Feel the Love Project- Trinitie

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I Feel the Love Project
One Year Anniversary

Project #9

Today we continue our journey back to the beginning by looking back at our recipient for the month of March 2012.

In December of 2011, Trinitie was experiencing minor  headaches and when they began to get worse her mother took her to the doctor.  Trinitie just wasn't herself. After explaining all her symptoms to the doctor, he quickly ordered them to go the the nearby hospital and have a CT Scan performed. After that procedure had taken place Trinitie had to have a MRI performed as they had noticed a mass on her brain and needed to get a closer, more precise look. When they were finished they handed the family a disk and they were told to go back to the clinic and show the pediatrician the disk.

Trinitie's mom says, "I remember this like it was yesterday, almost like something out of a Twilight movie. We pulled into the parking lot of a well known always crowded pediatric clinic to find no one in the parking lot and as we walked up to the front door a nurse greeted us as if they had been waiting for our arrival. At that moment I knew in my heart something was going on. We sat in the room and waited for the Dr, when he walked into the room almost instantly I saw his face change. He said "there is no easy way to tell you this but, Trinitie has a Brain Tumor" Trinitie started crying and everything the Dr. said at that point was far off in the distance somewhere. This is how Trinitie's journey begins..."

The I Feel the Love Project was contacted by one of Trinitie's church friends and asked if we could do a card drive for her.  Of course we said yes and we collected cards for Trinitie and prayed that she would feel better and recover from her tumor.

There has been lots of good news recently on Trinitie's FaceBook page, Get Well Trin.  In May, Trinitie completed her 2nd round of chemotherapy transfusion.  On June 4th, Trinitie was able to leave home and attend Camp Smile a Mile!  Camp is 2.5 hours away from home!  How cool is that? What a great experience.  Her mom wrote that Trinitie was so excited that she was packed a week ahead of time.  And on June 17th it said that Trinite can ride her motorized scooter again.  How exciting!!  I am so happy for you Trinitie:)  You are an amazing young lady.

Join me tomorrow as we look back at the recipient of the I Feel the Love Project cards for the month of April 2012, Emily.

Have a wonderful day.

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