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I Feel the Love Project- Pediatric Specialty Care

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I Feel the Love Project
One Year Anniversary

Today we continue our journey back to the beginning by looking back at our recipient for the month of September 2011.

Pediatric Specialty Care (PSC) has been successfully serving medically fragile children and their families for nearly 20 years. Many of the children who reside at PSC were born severely prematurely -- NICU babies whose lungs never had the chance to develop in-utero. While miracles of medicine have enabled some of the tiniest babies to survive and thrive with no developmental delays or physical problems, some require a lifetime of assistance to breathe, using a ventilator.

"I Feel the Love Project" was asked to co-sponsor a Halloween blog hop in September by Ms. Ellen, Admissions Coordinator at PSC. Ms. Ellen is also a talented crafter and successfully runs her own blog, Card Monkey's Paper Jungle. The blog hop would feature banners that would be made and donated by the 40 or so bloggers who quickly responded and wanted to join in the fun.  Here is what Ms. Ellen had to say about the banners-

"Banners – all of them amazing! -- came from all over the world, including here in the U.S., as well as Canada, Germany, Ireland, France, and England. Some were highly embellished on cardstock, strung with ribbon; some were more simple but still colorful. Each one was a loving gesture from a kind and generous crafter.

When I brought the huge boxes stuffed with banners to PSC, our Programming (Child Life) staff took them out and laid them side-by-side in the facility’s living room. They FILLED the room! We staged an impromptu art show in the living room, where staff could choose which banner might be most appropriate for the children in their care.

The kids’ reactions were priceless – their eyes lit up with joy as these fun, friendly decorations were put up over their beds. 'Miss Ellen,' one called out. 'All of these banners were made by your friends? WOW, you sure have a lot of friends!  Please let them know that they ROCK!'"

In addition, 50-60 individual Halloween cards were made for the kids and over 30 bookmarks were made by one special woman to give to the children.  They were really excited to receive these.  They got to enjoy them all month long and they really thought this was cool.

This was our first attempt to reach out to more than one person in a given month.  Thanks to the amazing followers of the IFTL Project, this month was a complete success.  In 2012 you will see more projects like this.

Join me next Monday as we look back at the  fourth recipient of the I Feel the Love Project cards, Ethan Pinter.

Have  wonderful day.

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  1. Thanks for all you do Madison. IFTL is an incredible program. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.



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