Monday, June 18, 2012

I Feel the Love Project - Ethan Pinter

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I Feel the Love Project
One Year Anniversary

Project #5

Today we continue our journey back to the beginning by looking back at our recipient for the month of October 2011.

Ethan was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia at the age of 2 months old. Thanks to a liver transplant and the wonderful care he received from his doctors, Ethan celebrated his 2nd birthday in November of 2011. The IFTL Project helped in this fabulous celebration by sending Ethan birthday cards.

Since that time, Ethan has had some setbacks including a very lengthy stay in the hospital, which began in December 2011. There can be many complications following a liver transplant and unfortunately, Ethan has experienced his share. This has been difficult on his family as once again his mother, Melissa, was separated from the rest of the family while Ethan was being treated.

In February, Ethan began to get better, but he was not well enough to go home. Melissa wrote that Ethan was in rehab and that his schedule was crazy! It went something like this: Occupational Therapy- 8:15-8:45; Speech Therapy- 10:15-10:45; and Physical Therapy- 11:15-11:45; 12:00- lunch and nap and then it starts all over at 2:15 till 4:15. 

Recently, Ethan made a turn for the better and he is home! Praise God:) We are all very happy to hear this news Melissa and Chris and we pray that Ethan will continue on a healthy path.

Join me Friday as we look back at the  fifth recipient of the I Feel the Love Project cards, Team KC, In Loving Memory of Korrine Croghan.
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  1. So happy to hear that Ethan is making progress.

  2. So Happy to hear Ethan is doing better. Ethan was my first IFTL recipient. Sorry I have been MIA all last week. I have been on vaca. It is great to see all the new sponsors. Have a great week Madison!!

    Hugs, Sheena



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