Monday, June 4, 2012

I Feel the Love Project- Ms. Pentoney

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I Feel the Love Project

One Year Anniversary

Today we begin our journey back to the beginning.  This month we will be taking a look back at those we honored during our first year.  Those whose stories inspired us.  These are the people who we grew to love and they are the reason that the "I Feel the Love Project" has grown and why it will continue to grow.  For every story you will read here, there are hundreds yet to be told.  Please join me in looking back and in moving forward with this project.  I could not do this without you.  Thank you for all your continued support.

"The I Feel the Love Project" began with a card drive for my English teacher, Jill Pentoney. Ms. Pentoney was diagnosed with fallopian tube cancer in December of 2008.  After a short remission, the cancer returned in 2010.  The purpose of the card drive was to spread joy and love to Ms. Pentoney, one card at a time. 

Ms. Pentoney had a fighting spirit, but in the end, the cancer proved to much for her.  On September 10, 2011, Ms. Pentoney decided to stop treatment and on September 30, 2011 Ms. Pentoney lost her battle with cancer.

The news of Ms. Pentoney's death was very difficult for me.  It was the first time I lost someone I knew.  It did teach me that life is indeed precious and that if I can make a difference in someone's life, I will.  So, the "I Feel the Love Project" continues today stronger than ever in loving tribute to Ms Pentoney.  Every card makes a difference.

Join me Friday as we look back at our second recipient, Marley Moore and please stop by the new "I Feel the Love Project" blog and consider becoming a follower.  That would mean a lot to me.

Have  wonderful day.


  1. Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of this awesome program Madison. I'm sure your parents are so proud of the caring, kind young woman you have grown into.
    God Bless

  2. I did not know why you started the project and now I feel even more compelled to get involved. I am going to stop being too busy to be part of your amazing idea!

  3. Sorry for the loss of Ms. Pentoney. I started joining in on IFTL back in October. I enjoy making cards for people. Knowing that it will put a smile on the faces of all the recipients of the cards. Thanks again Madison for this great program.

    Hugs, Sheena



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